Golf Carts

With all this space, there is a lot to explore.

Long Lake Resort could take days to explore on foot, but in a golf cart you can see it all in one day!

Drive off into paradise

With so many places to roam, why not roam in style in one of our golf carts? 

Our golf carts provide you a day of fun behind the wheel. Ready to climb to some of the highest points of the resort? Cruise up to the highest points of the resort to catch the best photos and memories.

Rental Rates:

$100 per day

Rental Time – The rental time starts upon check in and continues until check out the following day. 

Rules – All drivers and riders must sign our waiver to utilize the golf carts or any of our rental activities. Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and obey traffic rules while using the golf carts. For detailed information where you can drive, please contact the office.

Resort Map