Part of the reason Long Lake Resort is Oklahoma’s Best Kept Secret is our Fishing.

Drop a line in one of our two private lakes to see why fishing here is just how you dreamt it should be.

Get those lines in the water and start catching!

Long Lake Resort is well known for it’s excellent fishing. Our resort is well equipped for the way you like to fish. Our two private lakes have the perfect combination of shade, depth and sun to let all types of fish flourish and multiply to keep us naturally stocked.

We take fishing serious at Long Lake Resort to provide you a picturesque fishing experience. We limit the amount of boats allowed on both lakes to maintain the serenity of fishing alone on the lake in one of our rental boats or your own.

Here are some things to keep in mind while fishing at Long Lake Resort:

Two Private Lakes – This means even if you do not have a fishing license in Oklahoma, you can fish on our property.

Docks and Bank Fishing – We have several small docks along the lake where you can get a little farther out into the water.

Keeping your catch – While all our Bass are catch and release, you can keep up to 30 Crappie per person per day and all of the catfish and other species you find.

Fishing Supplies – Our Welcome Center has all sorts of great gifts and sundries. Forget your fishing gear? No Problem! We have fishing poles to rent as well as fishing lures and live bait.

Boat Fishing – We have several different types of boats you can rent from pontoons to kayaks where you can drop a line right in the middle of the lake.

Fishing is included with your stay – Fish anytime you want when you stay with us at Long Lake Resort. Just want to come out for the day? You can always come by the Welcome Center and buy a Day Pass!

Oklahoma Fish Guide

Bass - Large Mouthed

Bass - Small Mouthed

Bass - Spotted

Bass - Striped

Bass - Striped Hybrid

Bass - White


Crappie - Black

Crappie - White

Catfish - Flathead

Catfish - Channel

Catfish - Blue

Perch - White