Disc Golf

Disc Golf

Time to let those discs soar and hit the chains of the Long Lake Resort Disc Golf Course.

As one of Long Lake Resort’s newest activities, this popular sport is loved by young and old. Our 18 hole Disc Golf Course is full of a wide variety of types of holes from wooded to clear sailing. 

Hit the chains at Long Lake

Long Lake Resort has created a one of a kind Disc Golf course to inspire guests of all ages to take a turn tossing some discs. Designed specifically around the natural setting of Long Lake Resort, our 18 hole Disc Golf course is sure to please.

Don’t know how to play? The fine group at www.PDGA.com has information about the history of the sport as well as how to play. Don’t have a set of discs for yourself? The office has sets available to rent or buy so you can find your love for this new sport.

Rental Rates:

$10 per set

Rental Time – The rental time starts when you pick up the set from the office and continues until the office closes each day. Need more time? Be sure to ask our staff on other options of rental times.

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