Weekend Getaway Resorts in Oklahoma | Family Time

Anytime you’re looking for a weekend getaway resorts in Oklahoma you’re going to want to look no further than right here at Long Lake Resort in putto Oklahoma one of the best we can get to resorts in Oklahoma. So one of the reasons that they are the best is just for the fact that they continue to add on.
We have a zip line coming soon. They continue to add to the facilities with nicer furniture and nicer amenities. We have horseback rides hiking and it’s on less than two hours away.
In POTO Oklahoma. So you don’t have to drive cross-country to have a wonderful outdoor adventure with a family you can go right here in Oklahoma.
So anytime you’re you know looking for a weekend getaway resorts in Oklahoma you’re going to want to come right here to Oklahoma and check out this wonderful Long Lake Resort here.
See all the we have to offer. You know hey rides aren’t the thing we offer to or the family wants to be able to take a hay ride on the thousand acres to see the mountains and just check out the beautiful scenery.
That’s something we can definitely do. They’re going to have a blast with the bonfire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.
I know my kids love to have s’mores I’m sure.
Good. You know does. I hope so. That’s one thing you can do with the family. It’s a great chance to be able to really bond with them. You know if you have any large ovens you can also do that.
We offer quality service competitive prices the chance to really get away from your busy everyday life. Take a long vacation stay the weekend or just a day. Check out our Reynolds page for more information and to schedule Years Day to Day. So if you have a chance to get away for even a day a weekend whatever. Feel free.
Pack up everything in the back of the truck and drive on down to Long Lake resort.
Because I can promise you that if you’re wanting a weekend getaway resorts in Oklahoma this is the place you want to be. It is a great opportunity to be able to you know get a even a small duplex unit or bring an RV over thirty five dollars a night and stay out here you know pull through sites or are $40 a night but not much more.
You get a king size queen size bed a refrigerator full service kitchen TV heating and air centrally. You know the couch is also pull out beds if you have other guests staying.
I mean really a cool place to go with the family whether even going with friends you know great place to go to really clear your head and get out here in the wilderness and be able to see what it’s like to really bond with nature.
Now the jury is cabins nothing nestled in secluded wooded settings so you’re going to really feel like you’re out in the woods when you’re you know out here.
Now these weekend getaway resorts in Oklahoma are not meant to be you know a beach resort or something with too many in the news or you are going to be able to have that feeling of someone rapping you’re going to be able to go out there and go fishing or go horseback riding where you’re going to get dirty. You’re going to get to you know get deep fill one with the land that you’re on. And I think that’s a great feeling that a lot of us have missed a lot late so if you go along Lake resort you can see all this that I’m talking about here and see what we offer. You can also see you know get a glimpse at our contact information. You can call us at 9 1 8 6 4 7 8 140. We are not too far away we’re just right here down the highway. So if you want to you know get a chance to come on down U.S. Highway 59 in South Dakota you’re getting a chance to see the one of the best kept secrets in Oklahoma and one of the reasons that now when I think of we can get away resorts in Oklahoma I think of Long Lake resorts. So ladies and gentlemen I think that about says it you know you get great experience in great outdoors wonderful lodges nice and clean great activities for the family you know wonderful Jacuzzi upstairs in the couple’s lounge. You’re going to absolutely love it.
I promise you once you come once you’re going to definitely want to come again.
Please come and give us a chance out here at Long Lake to prove to you why we we’re one of America’s best kept secrets and why Oklahoma has cherished this lake and its outdoor activities for so long. Please give us a call at 9 1 8 6 4 7 8 and 14 put your