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If you’re really wanting to have a great weekend getaway resorts and Oklahoma experience you’re going to want to do it right here in pote Oklahoma up along Lake resorts resort. It is a great place to be able to not only bond with your family but clear your head and get a chance to be one with nature again. Get back out there and feel what it’s like to not be worried about whether your cell phone’s going to ring in five minutes. Leave it at home folks come out here get away from all of that. Take some time with the family or spouse either one and take advantage of the Great weekend resorts we can get away resorts in Oklahoma that we have here such as this one here. Now I normally didn’t think of you know a resort in Oklahoma when I thought of. The weekend getaway resorts. In Oklahoma but now I do think of Long Lake resorts just because I’ve got a chance to go under they’re user friendly website and see all the great things that they offer their customers. So when I get on here I see that they have beautiful cabins they have a whole photo gallery so you can see all this as well and see what I’m talking about here with a jacuzzi it’s very space as you can tell that you’re going to go to fit the whole family here. They have a wonderful front porch where they have a lounge chair so you can sit back and enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning or you know just sit out and watch the sunset or rise. Weekend Getaway Resorts in Oklahoma.
What a more romantic time than you could spend with your spouse right here at these weekend getaway resorts in Oklahoma such as the one here at Long Lake resort. It’s a great chance for you to utilize the weekend. As I said it’s a weekend getaway resort in Oklahoma so you’re not having to drive across the country it’s in Oklahoma. You can say for just the weekend we have wonderful weekend packages so you can be a weekend warrior and really get a chance to soak up everything possible on the weekend before you have to get back to work on Monday and get back to the daily grind. So if you get a chance to do a weekend getaway resorts in Oklahoma you’re going to want to do this one here. This is a great chance for you to be able to get to know the the outdoors to get to know Oklahoma and go in any one of the two. Weekend Getaway Resorts in Oklahoma.
You know man made our natural legs. I mean that are private. And start with. Large mouth bass Croppy sunfish crawfish or catfish and. All fish native to Oklahoma waters its free bank fishing. I mean you know I could go on for days. Have you always wanted to try archery. Now you can and you can call about details about compound bows and crossbows and other archery options you can rent these here. So if you’ve never done it before and you want to shoot archery just to learn you’re going to be able to do it right here this weekend getaway resorts along Lake resort. And that is why we are so pleased to be able to offer you this wonderful opportunity right here less than two hours away and you can come back at now at 9 1 8 6 4 7 81 for the long lake resort is a great place here right in POTA Oklahoma. So if you haven’t got to see it yet or have a chance to you know get into it you definitely want to to do that now call and book right to a day of springtime. It’s time folks it’s time to get out here we have new things coming this year. We’re going to have a zip line coming. We’re also going to have a splash pad being added. So stay tuned for those. You’re going to love it. The family is going to love it. And we can’t wait to be able to share this great outdoor experience with you next time you decide to come out with us and have a wonderful time.
Like I said less than two hours away you can go and see all the details on Long Lake resort. Call and give us a call at 9 1 8 6 4 7 eighty one forty. It’s just right down south 59 us 59 highway in poto. So come on out. Have a great time. We can’t wait to see you. Weekend Getaway Resorts in Oklahoma