Weekend Getaway Resorts in Oklahoma | Archery

Are you wanting to find a great weekend getaway resorts in Oklahoma. Well look no farther than Long Lake resorts it is the perfect weekend getaway resorts in Oklahoma because we have a full itinerary and list of activities for you to do. So you’re not just coming out here and stuck in the woods and wondering oh my gosh what are we going to do. No we have a list for you. Comes with bank fishing archery horseback riding boat rental hay rides hiking trails and coming soon a splash pad which I know the kids will love.
Now they are also looking at you know opening up a zip line there so hopefully they’ll get that going for us soon and we’ll be able to you know have the zip line available. I I would really enjoy that. I know everyone else would as well. So when you’re looking for we can get a resort in Oklahoma just know that this is going to be the number one place you’re going to be able to go to to find that real outdoor experience where you have wonderful luxurious lodges to stay in that are really spacious and nestled often secluded wooded area to get that real feel. Now you know the biggest thing is that we’re going to designed. We’ve designed this experience for you to really make special memories and that’s what we want to do is be able to help you make the special memories that are going to mold the you know the your life and what you remember from it. You’re going to be things they’re going to stand out Long Lake Resort dot com to check all this out if you want to look at it. You can also go online on Facebook or Twitter or even Google us. Now we used that we also got a phone number if you want to get anything over the phone. 9 1 8 6 4 7 8 140 and you can you know give us a call to be able to look at why we are considered one of the best weekend resorts we can get away resorts in Oklahoma. And I would have to say one of the reasons we are is just because of the fact.
Like I said of the activities and the fact that they truly are dedicated to giving families and individuals a truly one off experience. You’re not going to go to any other lake in Oklahoma and get the same experience you do here in POTA. It’s a wonderful feeling to be out in the wilderness with your family away from all of the hustle and bustle of the city with a fishing pole in your hand.
You know and your son looking up at you excited as all get out to catch his first fish what better place to share that memory than right here in Pono less than two hours away. So one of the best weekend getaway resorts in Oklahoma that I can think of is the one right here at Long Lake Resort in poda. And when I say the best weekend resorts in Oklahoma I mean the best. It truly is a Oklahoma jam. We are proud to have it. And we hope that we can cherish it for many years to come. The hay rides and hiking trails that you get to go on while you’re here are going to get you a chance to get out and see the beautiful scenery that you are welcome to here at the Long Lake Resort lodging house prices on line if you’d like to look at that and see kind of what you’re going to be spending. You know what to look at beforehand and convince the wife that it’s OK this is going to be worth it honey. You know the the that this is really just a world class resort experience with a relaxing time. And you know the experience of a lifetime awaits you. Please note that we you can have pets.
Additional charges may apply to any damages that they do but as long as they don’t damage anything it’s not going to be any additional charges so just know that you know when you want to come to a you know a resort and have a really good time and a great weekend resort in Oklahoma this is where you want to come into it. So don’t hesitate please come feel free to give us a call at 9 1 8 6 4 7 8 140 or visit us at Langley dot com and check out why we are one of the best kept secrets in Oklahoma.