Southeastern Oklahoma | Family Vacation

When you think of south eastern Oklahoma I want you to now think of Long Lake Resort in Kodo Oklahoma a great place to be able to take your family for the weekend or for a whole week or even for a day or two out to have a wonderful time on a peaceful lake where you can really experience the full fledged you know amazing. Time at the lake here where you’re surrounded by mountains of Buffalo. There’s cabins duplexes amazing fishing and you really get to you know bond with whatever family member you have taken out there with you or a spouse if you go on a couples retreat. They do have couples cabins as well. Now the family cabins are pretty large are going to be big enough for the family to stretch their wings out and really get comfortable there and be able to have a great time. You know what better way to be able to bond with the family less than two hours away than going to Long Lake resort. Now you can check all the information out about long likers run along Lake resort. Call them or call the number at 9 1 8 6 4 7 a.m. and 40 to be able to see all the things that we offer here and one of the little tabs here is the adventure weekend where you can kind of look at all the many things that they offer here from family packages to couples packages. So feel free to go online and kind of dig around and look at all the things we offer we have a lot coming soon as well.
Such as zip lines and new pavilion things for you know Lakeside decks and such. So if you have any type of event that you want to do with banquet rooms or or rent something they can accommodate that as well so birthday party this is where you want to be. Let the kids come out and go fishing and have a real outdoor birthday something a little different than most people have had. That’s what they’re offering here. And so any time you’re thinking of eastern Oklahoma south eastern Oklahoma you should think of this lake here in POTO Oklahoma southeastern Oklahoma. The great. Plains and the great place for POTO lake long lake resort island resort. Come check us out