Resorts in Southeastern Oklahoma Provide Families With Fun

This content was written for Long Lake Resort.

Have you been looking for the perfect resorts in southeastern Oklahoma? Well lucky you! You stumbled upon Long Lake Resort in Poteau, Oklahoma. Long Lake Resort is a short two hour drive away from Tulsa making it the perfect weekend get away spot for you and your family. For more information or to book your stay please call the Long Lake Resort office. Dial 918-647-8140 today.

We all know we spend too much time on our phones and not enough time making quality memories of their family. So why not book a stay at resorts in southeastern Oklahoma? Long Lake Resort is the perfect resort located in southeastern Oklahoma. They have anything and everything under the sun. Regardless of what your family enjoys doing, there will be an activity for you. It’s time to make some quality family memories again. Pick up your phone and call Long Lake Resort then spend the weekend sans electronics.

If you have grandchildren and have yet to take them out fishing now is your chance. Resorts in southeastern Oklahoma are the perfect place to take your kids to learn to fish. Guests can partake in bank fishing for free. For nonguests bank fishing cost $20 a day. Don’t have any fishing tackle? No problem, you can rent tackle and even a boat at Long Lake Resort. Long Lake Resort’s lakes are stocked full of native fish. This ensures that little guy will be able to catch his first fish, and you’ll never be left telling the fish tale of the one that got away. You can enjoy fishing out on the lake with boat rentals starting at only $10. Or enjoying a relaxing boat trip on the many pontoon for $12.50 an hour all day. Regardless of how you like to fish or your experience fishing, it is a great way to spend a weekend morning at Long Lake Resort.

Need to stretch your legs? Long Lake Resort has over thousand acres for you to explore. This family-owned resort has several well-maintained trails. You can choose to either hike or bike throughout these trails. Either way you will enjoy an abundance of scenic views. Long Lake Resort offers both Mountain and Lakeside views. Where else are you going to find that in Oklahoma? If you want to go mountain biking but didn’t bring your bicycle, you can rent a bike for $10 an hour from the main office. They even have fat tire bikes available. It’s time to enjoy a quality outing with your family. So what are you waiting for? Head out to Long Lake Resort today.

When you’re ready to enjoy the wilderness and get some fresh air, pick up the phone and call Long Lake Resort. Take the short two hour drive outside of the city to Poteau Oklahoma. Enjoy the gorgeous views a longer drive and then see the breathtaking landscape surrounding Long Lake Resort. Make this a weekend your family will never forget family will never forget. Book your stay at Long Lake Resort. Call their main office at 918-647-8140 today.

Resorts In Southeastern Oklahoma Bring Your Family Together

This content was written Long Lake Resort.

Resorts in southeastern Oklahoma can be a great place to spend a weekend with your family. The best of the best Long Lake Resort in Poteau Oklahoma. Long Lake Resort has over 1000 acres of for you and your family to explore. Additionally it’s home to to privately owned lakes, Long Lake and Terrell Lake. If you are ready to experience a fantastic we can get away pick up the phone to call Long Lake Resort today. Dial 918-647-8140 to reach their main office.

Regardless of your lodging needs, Long Lake Resort has an option for you. If you own your own RV or camper enjoy Lakeside parking for only $35 per night. No camper? No problem. Resorts in southeastern Oklahoma found at Long Lake, has a place for you too. They have Lakeside duplexes right on Long Lake starting at only $95 a night. These duplexes have a king or queen size bed and a pullout sofa. Additionally the duplexes offer an apartment sized kitchen, perfect for cooking the fish you caught out on the lake that day.

Are you looking for something a little more private when you go to stay at resorts in southeastern Oklahoma? Long Lake Resort estimate for you too. Located off of Terrell Lake they have private luxurious cabinets. Each cabin has a fireplace, full out kitchen and grilling area all located in a secluded area a mile off of the highway. If you’re taking the family along they have two bedroom cabins so that you and your honey can have a little bit of alone time as well. If you’re looking for romantic couples getaway, check out the honeymoon cabinets. These cabins each have one bedroom, but feature a Jacuzzi. They too are located in a secluded area so that you can enjoy some well-deserved quiet time with the one you love most.

Regardless of what activities you enjoy partaking in Long Lake Resort has something for you to do. Long Lake Resort is best known for its fishing. The property has over 1000 acres and two lakes to choose from. Both lakes or brimming full of fish. These and actually stopped lakes are full of largemouth bass copy, sunfish, catfish and multiple other varieties of fish native to Oklahoma walkers. You can fish off the bank for free with the lodging rental, or partake in a full on fishing trip complete with boat and tackle. At Long Lake Resort you’ll never be telling the story of the one that got away. Plus, that little guy will be sure to catch his first fish. Make a new memory with the ones you love at Long Lake Resort.

When you’re ready to start your unforgettable we can, pick up the phone and call Long Lake Resort today. They have lodging and activities to suit families and couples alike. It’s time to unplug from the cell phones. Take the short trip to Poteau Oklahoma and enjoy the great outdoors. Call the main office at Long Lake Resort to book your stay. You can reach their office at 918-647-8140.