Resorts in Southeastern Oklahoma | Vacation Fun

Resorts in south eastern Oklahoma are really defined by little gems that are tucked away like the one in POTO Oklahoma called Long Lake resort. So if you haven’t been to that southeastern Oklahoma leg or seen any of the other resorts in southeastern Oklahoma you’re going to want to definitely check this one out here. It is one of the best. Resorts in southeastern Oklahoma and really one of the pinnacle places to visit in Oklahoma because it’s just so peaceful and beautiful and the cabins are so nicely laid out you know with beautiful you know tan wood popping out over the walls. Beautiful leather furniture. A full service kitchen you know decorations on the walls like king size bed. It’s just a real treat to be able to go to whether you’re going with a couple or a family. It’s a nice adventure a nice way to get away for a while. Take some time to really soak in nature. And if you haven’t had a chance in awhile I really encourage you to go to Long Lake Resort dotcom and just check out what you’re missing out on here if you haven’t been the you know bank fishing that they offer the archery horseback riding Boat Rentals. I mean the fun never ends and you can take advantage of that right here in putto Oklahoma less than two hours away with not much money up front. You know it’s not very expensive to have a you know a great time out there.
You can bring all your you know your own RV it’s only $35 per night to pull up and then stay there so not too bad guys a lot less than you’d pay any kind of hotel and you get to be right out amongst the wilderness. What’s better than that so if you haven’t had a chance to see Long Lake Resort Please go online and check us out or call 9 1 8 6 4 7 81 40 to ask questions and book yourself a adventure right out here to soak in this Oklahoma nature and see why this is one of the best kept secrets in the state.