Resorts in Oklahoma | Grand Adventure Awaits

When you think of resorts in Oklahoma. What do you think of maybe not long lake resort but if you don’t it should be at the top of your list Long Lake resort is one of the best resorts in Oklahoma and it’s one of the best kept secrets in Oklahoma as well. So next time you’re thinking of what resorts in Oklahoma to go to you have to go to Long Lake resort now at long last resort we’re proud to be Oklahoma’s best kept secret. And where else can you come to have events relax and beautiful cabins and duplexes with an amazing fishing experience be surrounded by not only just mountains but wild animals such as buffaloes and more. All just. For a short two hours away now. You’d love to be in the peaceful nature and quiet atmosphere and while you’re here you’re going to be able to soak up just that since we. Are a private and family owned resort. There’s only two privately owned legs whether you’re looking for something to bring the family together and get a little closer with everybody in the family or just looking to make memories with your spouse or a great fishing trip with a buddy or your boys definitely look at Long Lake resort because it’s perfect for you. Check out. Before. Check us out and see all the different activities you can do. Now we have the activities posted online you can look at the weekend adventure and activities you know bar there and see what all we offer. We offer quite a bit so I know you’re going to be definitely you know have plenty to do.
You know bank fishing is only $20 a day. There’s an archery range. You can go horseback riding as I was saying. You can also get a boat rental. There’s hay rides hiking trails. I could go on forever about all the things you could do. We have a splash pad that’s going to be coming soon. We’ll keep an eye out for that. The kids will be loving that I’m sure. And you know there are bee rates going $35 so if you have an RV you want to get out not have to drive all the way across the country you want to find some resorts in Oklahoma and not something way far away. You’re going to want to check POTO Oklahoma for the long lake resort because it’s not very far away and it feels like you’re on a true vacation. It’s just a real slice of heaven. If you love those nice warm Oklahoma nights down by the lake in a fire eating a hot dog and just looking at how beautiful the sky looks over the Oklahoma Plains this is where you want to do it at POTO Oklahoma at the long lake resort. The pinnacle of resorts in Oklahoma. And the reason why resorts in Oklahoma have been set as a standard in the Midwest area. Oklahoma is a beautiful place. Folks it’s a great place to come now to the lake resort and see why the people here in Oklahoma are loving all the activities they have to do out here on the Long Lake resort.
Now the office hours there Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and you can contact them at 9 1 8 6 4 7 8 1 4 to eat or go online to Long Lake Resort dot com. They also have a fax number of 6 4 7 81 72 and that’s 9 1 8 area code so you can give them a number of facts if you need to as far as any kind of billing issues or things like that. They are not happy to take care of that for you. You can also send e-mail right here on the Contact Web site just by entering your name e-mail address and a message right here. And you can submit that right here on the actual Web site. Now when you get to the lodging you can see the you know the relaxing resort experience that you’re going to be experiencing when you come here. They look so quiet and peaceful you won’t be able to want to go home you’re going to want to stay here forever. Folks please come down and try a long lake resort and I promise you will not be displeased.