Ultimate Man’s Weekend in Oklahoma

This content was written for Long Lake Resort

One of the best-kept secret resorts in Oklahoma is a resort that goes by the name of Long Lake Resort. The reason for the name Long Lake Resort is simple it is one of the lakes that is on the property. There are two 45 to 50-acre private lakes on the property of the resort. These two private lakes provide ample fishing opportunities for the guests of Long Lake Resort. Since they are private lakes, they never get overfished and are always chock-full of some of the best native Oklahoma fish. To learn more or to book your reservation give Long Lake Resort a call at 918-647-8140.

When staying at Oklahoma resorts, you will have a hard time finding the same experience that you will get at Long Lake Resort. The reason being is that Long Lake Resort provides you convenience and easy access to the middle of the wilderness while still being able to have all of the modern amenities that you need. The luxurious cabins are set nicely amongst the trees to help you get a real taste of sleeping in the woods without actually sleeping in the woods. Resorts in Oklahoma are a dime a dozen, however, there are none quite like Long Lake Resort. That is why it is one of the best-kept secrets in Oklahoma.

There are multiple different types of cabins for you to choose from. You can choose one of the larger cabins if you want to bring your whole family. This will allow you to not feel cramped and allow everybody to enjoy the wonderful experience of being at Long Lake Resort. If you are planning your honeymoon, there is a honeymoon suite reserved just for you so that you can ensure that you make lasting memories.

One of the packages that is the most popular is called the ultimate man weekend. During the ultimate man weekend, Long Lake Resort crams your weekend with male bonding activities and outdoor fun. Some of these activities include target practice on the shooting range,  Bonfires, poker tournaments, flag football, basketball, kegs and unlimited beverages and that’s just to name a few of the activities. All meals are included and will be composed of steaks, hamburgers, and fish. You’ll get your fair share of meat during your ultimate man weekend at Long Lake Resort.

So if you are busy looking at resorts in Oklahoma for you or your family to have the absolute ultimate experience of nature, and pampering on the same trip stop looking and just call Long Lake Resort at 918-647-8140. You will not be disappointed, and you will likely come back year after year. The experience that you will have a Long Lake Resort is one-of-a-kind and is completely refreshing and rejuvenating. If you want a guys weekend or girls weekend at one of the premier resorts in Oklahoma than give Long Lake Resort a call and reserve your weekend. You will have a terrific time bonding with your best friends.  Call them today to schedule your reservation.

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This content was written for Long Lake Resort

Long Lake Resort is one of the resorts in Oklahoma that not many people know about, but those that do can’t stop talking about it. Long Lake Resort likes to keep it this way so that they never get overcrowded. They want to ensure that the experience that people have at Long Lake Resort is very rejuvenating and refreshing. If they were to get overrun like most of the resorts in Oklahoma then they wouldn’t be able to provide the same amazing and rejuvenating experience that they currently do. To book your stay and learn about this best kept secret of Oklahoma call 918-647-8140.

If you are looking for a special weekend with your friends, you may want to check out the ultimate weekend packages at Long Lake Resort. Few resorts in Oklahoma offer such an amazing weekend package for you and your friends. Long Lake Resort named these packages the ultimate man and the ultimate women weekend. These weekends are stacked full of extremely fun, entertaining, and camaraderie rebuilding activities. There has never been an ultimate weekend where everybody didn’t leave better friends than when they arrived. The ultimate man and ultimate woman weekends can, of course, be adjusted to your likes and needs but as a general rule here are the activities that are provided in each.

During the ultimate man weekend you can do things like have a lake-based long drive a golf tournament, create large bonfires every night, have a friendly game of flag football, go zip lining, enjoy the skeet shooting range, shoot as much ammo as you can possibly carry at the shooting range, have poker tournaments and lose a whole bunch of money, and shoot on the archery range. These are just some of the amazing activities that you will be able to take part in during your ultimate man weekend. During the ultimate man weekend, all meals are included and are composed mainly of steaks, hamburgers, and fish. A keg and unlimited beverages are also part of the ultimate man weekend.

The ultimate women’s weekend can include all of the same events as the ultimate man weekend and or you can choose from other activities. Typical ultimate women’s weekend activities include a lake-based long drive golf tournament, bonfires, wine tasting, archery practice, outdoor movie nights, outdoor yoga, spa retreats, horseback riding, manicures, and Oklahoma’s largest zip line. The ultimate man and the ultimate women’s weekend are some of the most fun you can have with your friends.

To experience one of the best resorts in Oklahoma when it comes to getting out into nature and being able to relax and unplug your want to call Long Lake Resort and book your reservations today at 918-647-8140. On top of the ultimate man or women’s weekends you can come out for a day stay for yourself or you can come out with your family for a long weekend vacation. There’s plenty of activities to do to keep everybody busy, or there is plenty of empty time to be able to relax and refresh.