The Perfect Man’s Getaway

This content was written for Long Lake Resort.

How many other resorts in Oklahoma offer an ultimate man’s getaway? The answer is simple only Long Lake Resort does. On top of the fact that they offer tons of activities to do in the first place they also offer an ultimate man’s getaway. Some of things you can expect to do during this weekend of man type fun is shooting guns, all your meals are included, a Lake based golf tour, unlimited beverages, bonfire, poker tournament, archery, flag football, basketball, soon to be zip line, and skeet shooting. This is by far the perfect way to get away with your best male friends and enjoy having a weekend away as men. This is guaranteed to be fun for any man who loves to do manly things. If you want to get your place in this ultimate man’s getaway call 918-647-8140.

There are no other resorts in Oklahoma that offer something this cool. This is the perfect place for any man who wants to be a man and do manly stuff to do so. You can bring your dad or you can being your best friends. Whoever you choose to bring your guaranteed to have a blast. You definitely don’t want to find yourself being the one of us to listen to others talk about how much fun they had. With all the activities they offer how could you not have a blast. This is by far the most fun you will probably will have had in the last year.

It is the perfect excuse to go to one of the best resorts in Oklahoma. When you do the ultimate man’s getaway you realize what it’s like to go on vacation as a man with other men. With all of the crazy fun activities that they offer to do you cannot help yourself but have fun. This is the perfect place to go when you want to relax as a man and hang around other men the weekend. Weatherby your church group or some friends or your dad or whoever it is this will be a blast for you to hang around of the men.

You absolutely should call soon as possible to get your spot in the next ultimate man’s getaway. With all the fun activities you’re going to enjoy yourself so much. Just imagine all the stories that have happened as a result of these men getaways. If you can do this and not have a good time there something seriously wrong with you. This is a relaxing situation where you can just have fun as a man. There is a reason why this place is considered one of Oklahoma’s best-kept secrets. It’s little things like this that help them to stand out amongst other places the claim to be resorts.

Call today to reserve your spot 918-647-8140. Here it Long Lake Resort they truly cater to the man with this event. If you are God looking for the perfect reason to get away will look no further. With the ultimate man’s getaway this is going to be a blast to be remembered for the rest of your life. You bring anybody you want as long as you bring somebody. Just go and have a good time and be a man. Whatever you want to do you’re sure to find something to do. You can shoot a bunch of guns, eat great meals, golf on the lake, have unlimited beer, enjoy bonfire, have a poker tournament, do archery, play flag football, basketball, use the zip line, and skeet shoot. So call as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

Never Get Bored

This content was written for Long Lake Resort.

Long Lake Resort is one of the best resorts in Oklahoma. They offer so many activities you will never get bored. Some of the things that you can expect to do should you stay here are bank fishing, horseback riding, archery, boat rental, hiking trails, hayrides, and a few other activities that are currently all the way to being finished being built are a splash pad, and a zip line. With this many activities how could you ever get bored. This is a resort the promises to provide you with not only entertainment, but the perfect way to relax. This places secluded about you from Tulsa. If you want to get away and enjoy the great outdoors this is a place to do so. They are nestled within a beautiful mountain range and surrounded by trees. This is the perfect place to go for any occasion. If you just want to relax or if you just want to have family time. Whatever your reasoning this is the best place to do so. To reserve your spot call today at 918-647-8140.

What makes this one of the best resorts in Oklahoma and the fact that they have taken such great consideration into making sure that you always have something to do. It’s also nice to know that all their cabins are very luxurious. So you’re not going to have to go on the middle of words and deal with a broken down cabin situation. All the cabins they provide for you as the person staying here are very beautiful and clean. If you’re an individual who worries about going camping, because of the quality of living quarters you don’t need to worry about that at Lake Resort.

If you are a person who wants to rent a boat and go fishing you can do that for a very good price. They also offer hayrides which take you around the 1000 acre land that they have. If you’re an individual prefer to just get out be on your feet moving around you can go on one of their many hiking trails. There is a reason why Long Lake Resort is considered one of the best resorts in Oklahoma. They think of all the things that any individual could love and they have in concluded that within the state of being at Long Lake Resort. They truly want you to enjoy yourself while here.

To do yourself a favor and go online and look to their website to see many of the activities that have. They also have really cool events if you want to do a weekend getaway they will plan it for you. That event is specifically catered towards men, but could be fun for women as well. If you like to shoot guns or you like to fish or you want to bow or any of their amazing activities this is a place you can go. This is the perfect place to relax or have a romantic getaway. Whatever your reasoning you can find something to do here.

To reserve your spot today call 918-647-8140. You’re guaranteed to find something for anyone at this place. They have so many fun things to do and you will love your time spent at Low Lake Resort. Great for any occasion and they have the best place offered for relaxation close to Tulsa. This is not very far from the city which means you don’t have to drive so far to get there. So give them a call soon as possible schedule your stay with Low Lake Resort.