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This content was written for Long Lake Resorts

Bar none one of the absolute best resorts in Oklahoma is Long Lake Resort. What is a resort supposed to be? I resort is supposedly a place that you go to to relax to get away from your daily grind to de-stress to decompress to not be you and at the same time to find you. That is exactly what you are able to do at Long Lake Resort. You’re able to unplug, decompress, relax, and just be. If the lose the person that you are on a day-to-day basis who is trying to keep up with everything, pay all your bills, run your business, run your family, and do all of the things that you do which ultimately forces you to lose who you are. Long Lake Resort allows you to find who you are again by losing the person that you are day-to-day.  Call Long Lakes Resort today at 918-647-8140.

They do this with a host of available activities and with acres and acres of wide-open, peaceful natural land. You can get away from people, you can get away from the city, you can get away from cars, you can get away from the roads, you can get away from the noise, you can just plain get away. This is what humans need to reconnect with themselves and a greater source of being. This ability to get away and unplug is one of the major issues that we face in today’s go-go-go world. However, there is a reason that people and businesses go on corporate retreats and personal retreats. It simply because they reach a state of overwhelm where they can’t do anything else but getaway where getting away is the only answer. So if you have reached this point where you’re so overwhelmed that the only thing that you can think of doing that would be smart is to get away and get to one of the best resorts in Oklahoma Long Lake Resort. Even if you are not at the point of overwhelm yet get yourself to Long Lake Resort before you get to the point of overwhelm.

One of the things that Long Lake Resort is known for is their fishing. They own two, not just one, but two natural lakes, Long Lake, and Terrell Lake. These lakes are about 45 to 50 acres big and have a natural stock of crappy, sunfish, largemouth,h bass, catfish, and any other fish that is native to Oklahoma waters. They provide the necessary equipment including if needed boats. There are few better ways to unplug and de-stress them going fishing. Going fishing allows you to take your mind off of the rest of the world.

Another activity that can be fun for the whole family is their trail riding on horseback. While riding horseback their 5 miles of riding trails you are going to see wildlife, amazing scenic views of the surrounding mountains, and enjoy the camaraderie and companionship of a human to horse interaction.

So if you need to get away, want to get away, or just want to have a good time in the wilderness there is no better place than one of the top resorts in Oklahoma Long Lake Resort.

Ultimate Weekend Retreats

This content was written for Long Lake Resorts

With so many top-of-the-line resorts in Oklahoma, how do you ever decide which one to go to. Well, it really comes down to what you looking for and what type of resort you think is going to fit what you’re looking for. You know, you have your spa retreats, your wilderness retreats, your hunting retreats, your fishing retreats, and any other kind of retreat you could possibly want. So when you really nail down exactly what type of retreat you want the decision becomes much easier.  Call Long Lakes Resort today at 918-647-8140.

So the first question you got to ask yourself is what kind of retreat you want. Do you want a retreat where you can just simply relax and not be with a whole bunch of people? Do you on a retreat where you get pampered day and night? Do you want a retreat where you can go do fun activities? The type of retreat in finding the best resorts in Oklahoma for what you want all comes down to the answering of these questions.

If the type of retreat that you’re looking for is one where you can get away from people and be with yourself in nature than one of the best places that you could possibly go is Long Lake Resort. Long Lake Resort is set on 1000 natural acres of wilderness. Long Lake Resort contains a herd of buffalo, two natural lakes that are about 50 acres large, horse riding trails, and a plethora of other fun activities. This is the ideal retreat if you’re looking for a wilderness retreat but with a little pampering. This is the perfect resort if you’re looking for a guys ultimate weekend hunting and fishing retreat. One of their packages is even called the ultimate man weekend. They also have an ultimate women’s weekend.

So what is included in the ultimate man weekend you may ask. The ultimate man weekend is a weekend that is so crammed with events, drinks, man food, friendly competition, and golf tournement that you create lasting bonds and memories to last a lifetime. Some of the things that are included in the ultimate man weekend include all of your meals of meat and more meat, a golf tournament, bonfires, archery, flag football, skeet shooting, zip lining, and of course shooting at their shooting range.

So you may ask how in the world they provide a woman’s weekend if in the same breath they can provide the ultimate man’s weekend. Easy they just provide wine tasting, spot treatments, yoga, horseback riding, manicures. On top of all that many women also enjoy shooting at the shooting range, archery, golf, and bonfires. So although the two events are mutually exclusive events can tie in each can be enjoyed by both men and women.

So if you’re looking for an ultimate man or woman weekend one of the best resorts in Oklahoma to make this a reality is Long Lake Resort. They will ensure that you have a blast with your friends and make memories that last a lifetime