The Midwest Best-Kept Secret

This Content Was Written for Long Lake Resort

If you’re looking for the ultimate weekend and the ultimate relaxation to get away from your everyday busy life we invite you to one of the top resorts in Oklahoma. Long Lake Resort sits right here in the heart of Oklahoma and is considered one of the best kept secrets of the Midwest. It is a family owned company and believes in providing one of the top experiences for every single person that sets foot on the property. It is only two hours away from the city and its typed behind an area that surrounded by beautiful mountains. Yes, there are mountains in Oklahoma. If you’re ready to relax and get away we invite you to book with our resort today. Simply give us a call and 918-647-8140.

Long Lake Resort provides several different activities and adventures that our guests can choose from. The moment you walk in the property to be taken back by the endless and vast fields that are filled with herds of buffalo. You’ll also be surprised to see the mountains because most of the state of Oklahoma is completely flat. This is one of the most unique factors about this resort and we are happy to share with you as a family. We want you to have the ultimate relaxation we can or the ultimate man weekend, either way we want your experience to be the best.

The ultimate goal as one of the top resorts in Oklahoma is to simply provide a place for people to get away from their everyday life. We can get so caught up routine and in the the mundane of life that we forget to take care of ourselves. What we really need is to unplug. We need to relax. We need to remember that beauty restores the soulĀ and sometimes we need to get away from the city. This is especially true if you’re looking to reconnect with your significant other. Both people can get so busy that they forget about the thing they love and care for the most.

Here in the property you’ll find two privately owned lakes and well stocked ponds to fish. We always want to keep the well-stocked so that no one is ever disappointed when they drop in there. We understand that most people do fishing for the relaxation aspect of it, but it is always exciting when you feel a touch on your line. As a family and his owner’s wingman to provide the best possible experience in every activity that we provide here at the resort. We never want anyone leaving disappointed.

If you’re interested in coming to one of the top resorts in Oklahoma and you’re ready to unplug from your everyday life please visit us online or simply give us a call to book today. You won’t regret driving out only two hours from the city and relaxing in one of our up-to-date lodges that is made for relaxation. This is the perfect destination for any occasion guaranteed.

Relaxation For You

This Content Was Written for Long Lake Resort

Long Lake Resort is the ultimate Oklahoma vacation and consider one of the top resorts in Oklahoma. It provides a place for guests to relax and take in beautiful scenery they can’t get in the city. As a resort we provide comfortable lodging, activities including horseback riding and fishing. The property has two privately owned lakes and hundreds of Buffalo that run freely throughout the endless fields of brown and green. We invite you to come to one of the top resorts and unplugged from your everyday life. This is the ultimate relaxation for you, your significant other or for your family.

Everyone needs to unplug. Everyone needs time to themselves and an opportunity to get away from the busyness of life. The world moves at such a fast pace. It just keeps going and going which sometimes overwhelms us as people. We have to take time to rest. We have to take time to get away. We have to take time to reset our brains, renew our spirits, and regain our strength so that we can tackle the new challenges that the world has been waiting. That’s what we want to provide is one of the top resorts in Oklahoma. A place for you to recharge and renew yourself.

We provide lodging, activities and the ultimate weekend package which is ideal for men. We understand that men need to be around other men and do man thanks. Which is why we created the ultimate weekend. This is your opportunity to ride horses, shoot guns, and fish. We also have a few surprises waiting around the corner for those who choose to take on the ultimate man weekend. This is your opportunity to finally have that man weekend that you’ve been looking for and that your body so desperately needs.

This is also a great place to take your significant other. So many times we get caught up in everyday life and forget about the person that we love the most. Sometimes you just need to get away and simply enjoy each other’s company. That’s exactly what this resort provides. Comfortable lodging and a place where you can be alone to simply reconnect on an emotional level. It’s important that we value the things in our lives that we can sometimes take for granted.

If you’re ready to come out to one of the best resorts in Oklahoma we invite you to visit our website and check out our galleries and our videos to see what you’ve been missing. This is one of Oklahoma’s best-kept secrets and now we want to share with the world. Book your weekend today and start renewing your being now.