Looking to Get Away?

This Content Was Written for Long Lake Resort

Long Lake Resort is one of the top resorts in Oklahoma and has been named one of Oklahoma’s best-kept secrets. It is the ultimate vacation for you, your boys, your girls or for your significant other. We provide a highly trained team whose ultimate goal is to make sure that you have the best time of your life the moment you set foot on the property. You’ll be overtaken by fields roaming with buffaloes and with lakes that are absolutely breathtaking. Wake up early in the morning to see the sunrise peeking over the hills and breathe in the fresh country air. This is your opportunity to get away from the urban lifestyle just for a weekend and finally relax. Book with us today to see what we have available or give us a call at 918-647-8140.

Activities are extremely important when it comes to vacation. Most the time people go on vacation but they simply feel like they are still at home. People want to do something that’s different and something that they don’t have an opportunity to do every single day. Here at one of the top resorts in Oklahoma you’ll find that we had countless activities that you can be involved in. This includes fishing, horseback riding, and we even have a zip line that’s being installed soon. We never want anyone to feel like they wasted their vacation because of her simply nothing to do. We have plenty for you to do here on the property.

When the most popular activities we have is a horseback riding. Mount a horse and ride through the beautiful mountains, yes we do have mountains in Oklahoma, and simply relax as you wind and ride through the caverns. We want you to feel as relaxed as possible while also going on an adventure that you didn’t even know was possible in the Midwest. There’s absolutely no reason to drive 15 hours away or take a flight to a resort when we have Long Lake Resort only two hours away from the city. This is your opportunity to finally do something that is not going to take you forever to get there.

We also provide something we call the ultimate man weekend. We understand that there are times where you simply need to get away with your boys. We know that it’s time for you to do man stuff. Which is why we provide the ultimate man weekend. You’ll be able to see Buffalo, shoot guns, fish and well stocked ponds, and even ride horses as we mentioned before. But it’s not even about the activities as much as it is about simply getting away. This is a place where you can turn your cell phone off and not have to worry about what’s going on in the office. This is your opportunity to finally relax and bond with your friends.

If you’re ready to go to one of the top resorts in Oklahoma we invite you to book your appointment today. You can even just take it to work on our website to see what it is that you’ve been missing. We want to give every single guest high-quality experience by simply providing them with something they can’t get anywhere else in the Midwest. Leave the business behind, we work behind, and leave your life behind just for a weekend to recover.

Time to Relax

This Content Was Written for Long Lake Resort

Long Lake Resort is one of the best-kept secrets in Oklahoma. If you’re looking for resorts in Oklahoma we invite you to check out our website and see what you’ve been missing out on. This is a place that is ideal for anyone who is looking for a relaxing weekend with the family or with your significant other. Our ultimate goal is to provide a place of serenity, peace, and ultimate fun for anyone who is looking to get away from their everyday life. This is your opportunity to drive a simple two hours away from the main cities and find peace and quiet that you desperately need. Contact us today at 918-647-8140.

Here at one of the top resorts in Oklahoma we provide you with everything you need to truly experience the outdoors while not having to drive across country or take a flight somewhere. Here it Long Lake Resort we provide fishing, horseback riding, boating, and several other activities that can help you turn a normal weekend into the ultimate weekend. We also provide cabins so that you’re looking to get away with your significant other you can do so without having to be bothered by anyone or anything. This is the place that you need to come if you’re finally looking for a vacation the said desperately need.

We understand that people simply need peace and they need to rest. We get so caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of work, life, and things that happened around us. This is the perfect opportunity for you to finally find a place to rest and forget about everything that’s going on in the world. Our team strives to make sure that this is a place of relaxation and you don’t have to worry about a thing. The moment you drive up you’ll be glad you did. You’ll be greeted by endless fields filled with roaming buffalo, lakes, and high-quality cabins that speak of a high level of comfort and peace.

This is also a perfect place to get away with your significant other. Sometimes you just need that time together while not being bothered by the kids or your businesses. We understand that life can get so busy and it’s very easy to collect the one that you love the most. Don’t let that happen. Come to one of the top resorts in Oklahoma and reconnect not only on an emotional level but on a personal level. Do activities together like horseback riding or fishing. Or simply never leave the cabin and spend time with each other.

Here at Long Lake Resort we provide several different options when it comes to watching and activities so that we have something for everyone. We have the perfect place for couple getaways or if you’re looking to have the ultimate man we can with your boys we can provide that too. Our activities include scenic fishing, lodging, horseback riding, and you can even shoot a gun.