A Great Summer Destination

This article was written for Long Lake Resort.

If you are in desperate need of a great getaway. Family this summer there’s only one resort in Oklahoma that can provide you with the best experience. Long Lake Resort is a privately owned family resort that spreads across two privately owned lakes. If you know anything about the tranquil Oklahoma waters you know there are some of the most peaceful to be found in our nation. Not only can you find amazing waterfront at this resort but it is also home to one of the largest hills in America. Long Lake Resort offers many amenities and activities for their guest. If you’re interested in reserving your weekend getaway right now give them a call at 918-647-8140.

This is one of Oklahoma’s best-kept secret that is quickly becoming known to all. This is a one-of-a-kind getaway experience that is right in our backyard. This offers all the great amenities of a prestigious resort that is privately owned and comes with a piece of mine in the piece you need to relax from the noisy life of cities. This is the place that you can rest assure your family will be exposed to crude language, obscene parties or any unlawful activities. These are very well preserved campgrounds that have been created for the enjoyment and engagement in nature.

This resort is one of the only resorts in Oklahoma that can offer you many great activities to keep you busy and active throughout the summer. They have miles and miles of trails that can be taken by foot or horseback. I also have over 50 miles of shoreline that offer some of the best bank fishing Oklahoma. Bank fishing isn’t giving you the fish are wanting to catch you should try renting one of their amazing boats to cruise around the water. To meet their growing popularity they are creating a splash park in zip line that will be new summer editions. They truly have something for anybody no matter how old they are or what they are interested in.

They also offer great getaway packages for men and women who are looking for the ultimate weekend getaway. These packages cater uniquely to groups of people who would like to unplug from the city and plug into the bonds they have with their friends and family. They offer unique services depending on your gender and provide one of the best getaway experiences in Oklahoma. For men they have a gun range, golf course and poker night. For women they offer an outdoor movie night, spa treatments and manicures. This is a great way to get the much-needed pamper and relaxation to keep you going throughout the year.

Services like this can only be found in the great state of Oklahoma provided by Long Lake Resort. They’ve been offering this peaceful retreat for many years to the families of Oklahoma and around the nation. There resort is second to none and is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Oklahoma. The Midwest is known for its beautiful gentle rolling hills, calm waters and beautiful nature. This is one area of Oklahoma that you will find yourself spending many weekends getting away from the busy stresses of the weekly life.

Affordable Summer Fun

This article was written for Long Lake Resort.

There is only one resort in Oklahoma that can offer you a peaceful and tranquil getaway for your whole entire family. Long Lake Resort is a private family-owned resort that has for many years been one of Oklahoma’s best-kept secrets. With their growing popularity they have decided to make this secret well known to the whole entire world. They offer some of the most unique scenery they can be found in Oklahoma as well as many activities. This is a great way to get away with your family and friends and unplugged from your busy life. To reserve your weekend getaway give them a call at 918-647-8140.

This is a great way to spend a weekend getaway with just the guys or girls. They offer weekend getaways for both men and women that are uniquely cater to activities suitable for them. They offer a wide variety of outdoor activities for men such as skeet shooting, basketball, five football archery and bonfires. They also have kegs and unlimited beverages. For women they offer relaxing outdoor yoga, spa treatments, manicures and wine tasting. No matter what type of group you’re trying to spend the weekend with their guaranteed to have satisfaction and fun for you.

This is also a great place to spend time with your family and get engaged a great outdoor activities. They offer miles on miles of beautiful hiking trails that you can take by foot or horseback. They also offer a Reynolds for those who like to enjoy the peaceful Waters Oklahoma. Not only can you fish from their boats that you can enjoy over 50 miles of accessible bank fishing. This is an outdoorsman’s dream and a beautiful resort for anyone to join the weekend relaxing. Due to its exclusion and private access your guaranteed peace and relaxation while you enjoy your stay.

They offer a variety of different lodging accommodations suitable for parties of all sizes. They even offer two different styles of RV slips for those who like to travel with their own home away from home. For those who don’t have an RV they offer lodges and duplexes ranging in sizes to accommodate parties. Each one of their cabins is fully stocked with cookware, linens and towels. All you need to do is bring the fun, the family and the food. They make it easy for you to get away without having to try to pack your whole entire house up for just the weekend.

Coming soon at this resort in Oklahoma will be Oklahoma’s largest zip line. There continuously adding amenities like this to make your stay at their resort all the more appealing. Along with their zip line they will also be building a splash pad that will provide much water fun in the hot summer sun. This is a great getaway for friends, family and even companies to catch a break from the busy work life. If you ready to unplug from the noisy sounds of the city and plugged into the peaceful calming atmosphere of the great outdoors this is the perfect resort for you.