A Fun Family Getaway

This article was written for Long Lake Resort.

You ready for amazing and fun family getaway this summer? If so you definitely must check out the best resort in Oklahoma. This resort is a private family owned resort that stretches over two of the most beautiful privately owned lakes in Oklahoma. What was once the best Secret in Oklahoma is now been revealed to all. This resort is Long Lake Resort and offers you a vast variety of activities In the most beautiful scenery in Oklahoma. This Is a resort that you can take your whole family to have a piece of mind that you will get a much-needed tranquility and rest from your busy work life. If you’re interested in booking your next weekend getaway at this amazing resort in Oklahoma pick up your phone and dial 918-647-8140.

This one of the most beautiful resorts in the nation and it’s located right in the backyard of everyone in Oklahoma. They have over 50 miles of the best bank shore fishing onto private lakes. They also offer boat rentals by our so you can reach any portion of the water. They’ve got several miles of hiking trails they go through mountains, hills and forests. You can take to these hiking trails by foot or by horseback. They have some of the most gentle and well-trained horses that you’ll ever find. They also have a skeet shooting range and a golf course to complete your total resort experience.

They offer a few different lodging accommodation suitable for different size parties. They offer duplexes that can sleep from 1 to 2 and cottages that can sleep from 4 to 6. They also offer two different sizes of RV slips for those who have homes on wheels. Their lodging accommodations are fully furnished and packed with all of the utensils you will need to have an amazing state. This enables you to not bring any extra pots and pans, towels and linens with you whenever you are traveling. You just bring the fund the food in the family and get ready for a great weekend. Just in case you forgot to gas up, that’s okay there a short drive away.

This is one of the most beautiful escapes the you’ll ever find in the Oklahoma area. It is home to one of the world’s largest hills and offer some of the most beautiful untouched pieces of nature in the Midwest. The property that this resort stretches across has been reserved for many hundreds of years. It has unique attributes they can only be found in the Midwest and are at an affordable price. It also makes the perfect getaway for any group of guys or girls. They offer alternate weekend packages that cater to either gender and providing them with a unique experience. All you got to do again, is bring the fun and friends. They will take care of the rest to ensure you have the most ultimate weekend.

A summer is fast approaching we are all in searches of hot destinations to take our family to get away for a little break. There’s no better resort in Oklahoma to do this than Long Lake Resort. It Is the most beautiful resort that you will find over to privately owned lakes. No matter if you like to fish, shoe ski or play golf they’ve got something for just about everyone. Coming soon they will be adding a splash pad and one of Oklahoma’s largest zip lines to their list of activities. Don’t Hesitate to make your reservations today before they are all booked up for summer 2016.

Only in Oklahoma

This article was written for Long Lake Resort.

Are you ready for one of the best experiences that you will ever find in Oklahoma? If you’re ready to take your family on one of the greatest getaways then head to the best resort in Oklahoma. Long Lake Resort offers individuals and families with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to seek restoration and relief through this untouched piece of nature. Although you can experience this more than once in a lifetime each time you visit their amazing resort it’ll feel like an all-new experience. They have a wide variety of activities and accommodations to make your stay all the more memorable. No matter what type of outdoor activity like to enjoy their sure to have something for you. If you’re interested in making reservations for an alternate we can get away with your friends or family pick up your phone and dialed 918-647-8140.

This is truly one of the most breathtaking pieces of scenery in the great state of Oklahoma. It is a privately owned family resort that stretches over two of the most tranquil privately owned lakes in Oklahoma. This is part of the reason why is soon becoming one of the best resorts in Oklahoma and one of the most desirable vacations for its residents. It used to be one of Oklahoma’s best-kept secrets but has now been revealed and is being widely accessed by the world. They can accommodate parties of all sizes with their unique lodging and RV slips.

They have a wide list of activities to keep you outdoors and entertained during the summer months. They have endless miles of hiking trails that you can take on by foot, bicycle or even horseback. There privately owned lakes offer over 50 miles of some of the best bank fishing in Oklahoma. You can also rent one of their boats by our to get a little more out of this beautiful Lake. There truly is no other resort in the great state of Oklahoma they can offer you is many activities or accommodations. This is also one of the most affordable resorts that you will find around town. Due to the increase in popularity they are continuously adding new attractions and activities to their resort.

They offer an ultimate getaway package for both men and women. Each package is uniquely designed to do gender that  has reserved a weekend. For men they offer ski shooting, golf, poker and some of the best craft beer around. For women they offer outdoor yoga, spa treatments, wine tasting and bonfires. No matter what the ages of your group if you’re trying to get an alternate weekend getaway this is the number one hotspot for that. They provide all of the food, beverages and activities all you need to bring is your friends and family. Don’t hesitate to make a reservation for an alternate weekend getaway package before the summer months book up.

This is truly one of the most desirable summer getaways for the citizens of Oklahoma. What used to be one of our state’s best kept secrets has been revealed to the world. Due to the increase in popularity they are adding a splash pad and Oklahoma’s largest zip line to their list of activities. This is one resort destination that will bring you new and improved activities for years to come. This is a private and family owned resort that is dedicated to providing you with the most peaceful outdoor experience you can imagine. If this sounds like something that your family could desperately use give them a call at 918-647-8140.