Best-Kept Secret Revealed

This article was written for Long Lake Resort.

Are you looking for the best getaway for your family this summer? Are you looking to do this at one of the best resorts in Oklahoma? If these are questions you find yourself asking for your family this summer look no further than Long Lake Resort. They are one of Oklahoma’s best-kept secrets that is been revealed. This is a private family-owned resort that stretches over two of the most beautiful privately owned lakes in Oklahoma. They have a wide variety of activities to keep your family engaged in nature also are long. If your ready to put your reservation or alternate weekend getaway pick up your phone and dialed 918-647-8140.

Long Lake Resort is a resort in Oklahoma that offers some of the most captivating scenery. It is home to one of the world’s largest hills and two of the most beautiful privately owned lakes. These privately owned lakes offer you over 50 miles of bank fishing and tranquil waters. Their facility is also has miles and miles of beautiful trails that can be taken by foot or horseback. This is one resort that you will be guaranteed peace and comfort. Due to its private property and Lake you won’t be bothered by any loud parties or obscene language. This is a place that will be peaceful for your family for many summers throughout this year.

This resort has a jampacked list of activities to keep you engaged in nature all summer long. As previously mentioned they have hiking and horseback riding to take you through some of their beautiful wilderness. You can also rent boats to take on the waters peaceful fishing and swimming off the shore. Due to the rise in popularity they are expanding more and more on these activities. Soon to come will be a splash pad and zip line. There’s applied will be one of the longest zip lines in Oklahoma. There is no other resort in Oklahoma that can offer you is much summer activity and peace as Long Lake Resort.

When staying in their find lodging you won’t have to pack anything but your close and some food. Their lodges are fully accommodating in both furniture and utensils. They have a fully stocked kitchen, linen closet and bathroom. This makes it even easier to pick up after a long week and had to some peace. They also offer two different styles of RV slips for those families who have a second home on wheels. It doesn’t matter if you’re a single individual or family up to six then got commendations for you. They also offer incredible ultimate weekend getaways for men and women that cater uniquely to their outdoor preferences.

This is one of the most beautiful resorts they can be found in the Midwest. It offer stunning scenery that can only be found in the prairies of Oklahoma and sunsets they can be found nowhere else. This is a peaceful, tranquil and quiet resort that is spread across two of the most gorgeous privately owned lakes in the area. You can have access to great hiking trails, enlist fishing and even an outdoor skeet shooting range. There got a little bit of everything and that’s what makes them unique. If you’re ready for your next ultimate getaway or a family weekend of fun don’t hesitate to book your reservation right now.

Fun in the Outdoors of Oklahoma

This article was written for Long Lake Resort.

Are are you looking for one of the best resorts in Oklahoma? You ready to take your family on the funnest adventure in Oklahoma? Are you ready to find some of the most beautiful scenic settings and most tranquil waters in Oklahoma? If these are questions you’re asking yourself while trying to book your family’s alternate weekend getaway then you need to pick up your phone and dialed 918-647-8140. There you will be able to speak with the customer service staff at Long Lake Resort. They are one of the most beautiful privately owned resorts in the state of Oklahoma that offers you features that are found nowhere else.

This is one of the most unique resort in Oklahoma and offer several activities to keep your family entertained an active throughout the summer. This privately family-owned resort spreads over two of the most tranquil lakes that are privately owned and Oklahoma. Due to the seclusion of this resort you are guaranteed to not be bothered by any obscene parties, poker language or out of control groups. This is a place where families and individuals can come to to get much-needed relaxing and restoration from their busy work life. It’s not only suitable for individuals and families but also groups of men and women who are looking for an alternate weekend getaway.

The resort offers several activities to keep you active and entertained throughout your stay. They have miles upon miles of hiking trails that you can take by foot or on horseback. They have some of the most gentle and friendly horses that are easy to write no matter your skill level. They also have over 50 miles of endless bank fishing on their tranquil lakes. If you want to get a little further out than the bank then you can rent one of their boats to tool around in. To meet the ever-growing popularity there continuously adding new activities. They are under construction of one of Oklahoma’s largest zip lines. There also soon adding a splash pad to help you keep cool in the hot summer days.

They offer to incredible packages for ultimate weekend getaways. One for both men and women to enjoy the outdoors the way it was meant to be enjoyed for them. For men you can indulge in skeet shooting, poker nights in golf. For women they have outdoor yoga, wine testing and massages. This is a great way to get away with your group of men or women in bond together over the great outdoors. All you got to do is bring your clubs, guns and friends. They’ll provide you with all of the food, drinks and outdoor activities you could imagine.

If this sounds like a great opportunity for you to get much-needed restoration and relaxed from your busy work week to make your reservation now. Their summer months are quickly filling up as their once best-kept secret has been revealed. This is the most fun you’ll have outdoors in Oklahoma this summer. They offer a variety of lodging accommodations to house individuals and families up to six. They even offer two different sizes of RV slips for those who have a home on wheels. This is some of the most beautiful scenes to be found in the Midwest and available right in your backyard.