Resorts in Oklahoma | Wilderness Fun

You want to find resorts in Oklahoma you’re going to want to live no farther than the Long Lake Resort dot com and POTO Oklahoma where one of the best kept secrets in Oklahoma is you know we have great luxurious cabins.
One unscheduled and a secluded wooded setting well where you know you’re really going to find a true appeal an outgoing private lake.
So the wonderful thing about this resort is that it is only less than two hours away. So you can get right there and be able to see all the wonderful things that it offers the wonderful you know the set up that is in the couple’s cat you know tavern or cabins as well as the family one another family one is pretty large you’re going to be able to really get the family to get to stretch their wings here. There’s wonderful furniture and it’s going to have you really truly comfortable while you’re out there and able to just relax and spend time with the family so when you’re looking to find resorts in Oklahoma look no further than Long Lake resorts because it is such a wonderful resort once you come once I guarantee you this will now be a staple and a year yearly trips. And we have two bedroom cabins for $175 and it sleeps four. They have one king sized bed one queen size bed and we have honeymoon couples cabins for 175 a night and they have one king sized bed jacuzzi tub and many other amenities. There’s duplex units for 95 a night with one king size bed a bathtub a little bit smaller but still if you want to save a little bit of money that’s one way to do that with the $95 there. Now you can also go to the RV park and stay for about 35 bucks a night pavilion rails $400 for a weekday and thousand dollars for a week end.
But if you have an event that you’re wanting to plan please give us a call here at 9:26 4:07 eighty one 40 and we get you fixed up today.