Resorts in Eastern Oklahoma | Archery Fun

So when you think of resorts and eastern Oklahoma you should be thinking of the one in POTA Oklahoma which is the biggest kept secret in Oklahoma along Lake resort. It’s a wonderful place to be able to take your family and show them a great outdoor time. I know we’ve all seen the movie The Great Outdoors. Now hopefully it doesn’t end as that one did but we all know the fun that we can have with taking the family outdoors and becoming one with nature getting set aside all of the hustle and bustle of cell phones and the kids on Facebook and just get back to the good old family time. And you know get the chance to really stay in there. You know luxurious cabins and let the family really stretch their wings you know out in the spacious cabins that we offer and get a chance to really go fishing and relaxing. In an experience of a lifetime. So if you haven’t got a chance to come by Long Lake resorts I implore you to because it’s one of the best resorts in eastern Oklahoma. And so when you’re looking for resorts in Oklahoma you definitely want to put the top of your list. It is a wonderful place to take the family or a couple and just get a chance to relax. And if you want to go on to Long Lake Resort dotcom you can get a chance to see the photo gallery in a lot of the things they offer as far as activities and adventure weekends as well.
And you can contact them over the phone at 9 1 8 6 4 7 81 40 and see why Long Lake resort is one of the best kept secrets in Oklahoma and why I recommend it to anyone that needs a good weekend away. Now just write down U.S. Highway 59 south and you know in POTO so it’s less than two hours away as you’re not driving across the country to go to an outdoor experience with your family. Going right here in Oklahoma and what a better time than right now it’s summer. It’s beautiful outside. Folks get outside you know. Don’t take your kids to the movies. Quit taking them to to go get ice cream or to go play in the McDonald’s play place take them out to the country take them out to the lake to really get one with nature