Unleash Your Inner Robin Hood

This content was written for Long Lake Resort.

They, at Long Lake Resort, know that there are several choices of fishing resorts in Oklahoma, but, by being tucked away in rural Oklahoma’s scenic Le Flore county, Long Lake Resort has stayed one of Oklahoma’s best kept secrets. Best of all it is only a couple of hours away. Take a weekend to getaway and enjoy nature at its finest. Visit longlakeresort.com to view a gallery of their rustic cabin selection. Then place a call to 918-647-8140 to get started on planning a weekend adventure today.

Long Lake’s fishing resorts in Oklahoma feature several different cabin options. For families, there is a convenient two bedroom cabin with a fireplace. The intimate couple’s cabins feature both a fireplace and a jacuzzi. Both the two bedroom and couple’s cabins are located about a mile from the highway. Giving you the peace and quiet you will soon come to long for. The duplex style cabins and rv park is found right on the banks of Long Lake.

Fishing resorts in Oklahoma, more specifically those found on the banks of Long Lake and Terrell Lake are the perfect place to make family memories that will last a lifetime. Take your grandchildren fishing and let Long Lake supply the tackle! Bank fishing is free for all guests of twenty dollars a day for those not staying at the resort. There are even boats for rent at Long Lake resort. You can spend the day out on one of their quiet lakes for only one hundred dollars for eight hours. That’s less than thirteen dollars an hour you will be spending to create memories that your family will be able to cherish for years to come.

If you are into a sport with a little more danger, you can find that at Long Lake Resort as well. They offer archery classes with your choice of bow. Fulfill your Hunger Game dreams and pick up a compact bow. You can also prepare for an onslaught of flesh hungry walkers with a crossbow. Become as skilled as Robin Hood and hone your skills at Long Lake Resort.

Whether you are a seasoned rider or have never came within a foot of a horse in your entire life, horseback riding at Long Lake has a trail to accommodate your needs. Paths winding through the rugged wilderness terrain are best left to the more experienced riders, but there are plenty of well maintained areas as well. These areas present riders with the option to trot or canter if they so choose. Horseback riding is a childhood fantasy for most all young children. Help bring your children’s dreams to reality and take them to Long Lake Resort today.

Scenic trails wind throughout the entire private property. You will be able to take in breathtaking views of both the lakes and mountains. Experience nature while your family is still young, or reconnect with your older children. Now is the time to take a weekend to disconnect from WiFi and learn to appreciate what is really important in life. Gain a new appreciation for each others company. Visit Long Lake Resort in Poteau, Oklahoma. It is sure to become your new favorite weekend getaway.

Oklahoma’s Hidden Treasure

This content was written for Long Lake.

Have you been searching through fishing resorts in Oklahoma trying to find the perfect spot? Well look no further because Long Lake Resort is one of Oklahoma’s best kept secrets. Located in scenic Poteau, Oklahoma it is just a short drive to your new favorite weekend getaway. Visit Long Lake Resort online at longlakeresort.com to view a gallery of lodging options. You can also call them at 918-647-8140 to book your next mini vacation today.

Long Lake makes it easy to plan your weekend adventure. Unlike other fishing resorts in Oklahoma they give you an option of having an Adventure Weekend for either couples or families pre planned out for you. Or if you are a seasoned Long Lake guest, you can just choose your lodging and go on your own journey. Whatever route you take Long Lake is sure to create a plethora of memories for your family to cherish for years to come. Invest in some quality family time and book your stay today.

Have you ever wanted to channel your inner Katniss Everdeen? Now is your chance! Pull your hair into that side braid and head to Poteau, Oklahoma. Long Lake’s Fishing Resorts in Oklahoma offers archery classes. Learn how to shoot a compound bow or even a crossbow.

If archery is a little intense for your taste, then enjoy a morning of leisurely fishing along the banks of one of their two natural lakes. They personally stock each lake to capacity with bass, crappie, sunfish, catfish and all the other native Oklahoman fish. Do not own a pole? No problem! You can rent any fishing gear needed to create a weekend full of memories. Bank fishing is free for all guests of Long Lake and twenty dollars a day for non-guests.

Make your daughter’s dream come true and go on an afternoon horseback ride. The laidback ride will take you on a scenic trail with a wealth of gorgeous views of both lakes and mountain landscapes. All paths are well maintained so you can choose to walk, trot, and canter as you please. If you have little ones, but still want to take a trip around Long Lake’s thousand acres, then their relaxing hayride is perfect for your family. Your family will enjoy roasting hotdogs and marshmellows before heading back to your cabins.

Taking your special someone or your entire family to Long Lake is a way to reconnect with each other. Unplug your tv, turn off the computer, step away from your phones and tablets, and just enjoy each other’s company. Your children are only little once. Invest your time with them while you still have the chance. They will love every minute of it as you teach them how to fish. Take a moment to make s’mores and laugh around a campfire. Give them an appreciation for nature that will last them for years to come. Call the good people at Long Lake Resort to plan your next weekend getaway today.