The Ultimate Fishing Weekend

This Content Was Written for Long Lake Resort

Long Lake Resort focuses on providing a resort that cater specifically to those who are ready to have an adventure in Oklahoma. We are one of the top fishing resorts in Oklahoma and a fantastic place for any location including company events, family reunions or a special getaway with your significant other. If you’re ready to leave the city life behind and eliminate the stress from the busyness we invite you to book your weekend today at 918-647-8140. This is one of the best-kept secrets in Oklahoma and we want to share with you. Sign up today to get started with the ultimate fishing we can with the guys.

Along with being one of the number one fishing resorts in Oklahoma we also provide something called the ultimate weekend. This was a weekend that was specifically designed for men and has everything that a man could ever want when he goes out into the woods. You’ll be taken back by all the activities that we provide which include fishing, a shooting range, bonfire, archery, flag football, and so much more. The goal is to give you an opportunity to bond with your male friends and simply get away from everything in the city. The ultimate man weekend is one of our most popular packages here at the resort. Call to learn more about this weekend opportunity.

The reason that were one of the top fishing resorts in Oklahoma because we focus on providing a place of serenity and peace for those who are simply wanting to enjoy time on the water. When you walk onto the property you will notice that we have two privately owned lakes and several different fishing spots that are constantly being stocked. We want to make sure that when you go out on the water and cast your line you’re guaranteed to catch something nine times out of 10. We want to provide you with a great experience when you come out looking for a place to fish in peace and get away from everything. We give you an experience of a lifetime the moment you drive out on our property.

The most awesome thing about this resort is that it’s only a couple hours away from the city. This is why we are open’s best kept secret and are one of the most popular resorts in the Midwest. Because we are such a short drive away you don’t have to worry about driving hours upon hours to get somewhere that scenic and beautiful. Your relaxation is only a couple hours away from the city. This is a great place to have a weekend with the boys or a weekend away with your significant other. Everything that you could ever want involving outdoors is going to be available here including a shooting range, for spec writing, fishing and long drive golf. All of the activities that you want for the outdoors are right here at the resort.

Book your weekend today and see why everyone can’t stop talking about Long Lake Resort. This is the resort that is changing the way that people view vacations in the Midwest. You don’t have to settle for any other states when this resort is right here in Oklahoma. Bring your family, bring your friends, and bring your significant other to experience all of the perks and benefits that we offer here Long Lake Resort. Don’t be listening to the stories about people who decided to take a vacation here. But be that person who decided to take a vacation here. Make your plans and book today.

The Top Fishing Spot in Oklahoma

This Content Was Written for Long Lake Resort

Long Lake Resort provides quality lodging, horseback riding and scenic fishing in Oklahoma. We are considered one of the top fishing resorts in Oklahoma and one of the Midwest’s best-kept secrets. While we are only a couple hours away from the city, we are an ideal spot for those who live in Oklahoma who are searching for a weekend getaway. Embark on an adventure over the weekend where you can relax, enjoy beautiful scenery and be surrounded by breathtaking mountains. Call today at 918-647-8140 to find out about lodging availability and how you can move forward in achieving the ultimate weekend.

We are excited to provide you with one of Oklahoma’s best-kept secrets and one of the top fishing resorts in Oklahoma. When you set foot on the property you will find that we have two privately owned lakes and multiple fishing ponds that are stocked periodically. Making sure that we have everything you need to have the ultimate fishing trip is our number one goal. We have lodging, and a staff is going to take care of all your needs when you’re coming to fish. Fishing is a great way to relax and get away from the city life. Which is why we are constantly updating and maintaining our property to be a quality place to come over the weekend.

We also provide different activities that include horseback riding and even the ability to go out on the gun range. We provide the ultimate weekend which is specifically catered to man. This is an entire weekend that is packed full of events, competitions and unlimited food as well as drinks. This is a great opportunity to get the guys together or bring your sons to have a weekend were you guys can bond and have a fantastic time. Things that are included in the ultimately can include bonfires, archery, basketball, skeet shooting, and a gun rage fully equipped with different types of weapons. After you’re done fishing you can go out on the gun rage and shoot is much as you want.

We understand the everyday life the city can be extremely stressful especially when you run or own your own business. This we can provide you a getaway where you can relax and simply forget about everything that’s going on in your life. We are excited to be able to provide a place where people can simply reconnect with their spouse or simply come to reconnect with their family. This fishing resort in Oklahoma is perfect for any occasion, event then or company party that you’re looking to put on. We have everything you need or could ever want when it comes to the outdoors.

This is no longer Oklahoma’s best-kept secret because we are telling you about it today. You never knew that this type of vacation existed in the Midwest and we are excited to provide it for you here on this privately owned property. Walk into something you never thought could exist in Oklahoma and be surrounded by breathtaking mountains that will restore your soul. Make your plans today by scheduling your weekend and getting everyone together to experience something you can’t anywhere else in the Midwest. This is your opportunity to finally get away from the city and take a vacation you wanted.