Lodging at Long Lake Resort

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Fishing resorts in Oklahoma may be a dime a dozen. But the resort on Long Lake is a diamond in the rough. It is one of Oklahoma’s best-kept secrets. They can help you put together a fantastic weekend for yourself and the ones you love. Call them today at 918-647-8140. They are credible customer service team will help you book a lodging packages to suit your needs.

Longlegs fishing resorts in Oklahoma operating Friday if cabin options to suit your say. Families can have ample room in one of their larger cabins designed for the full enjoyment of their world-class resort experience. The two-bedroom cabin requires a two night minimum stay for Friday and Saturday there is a separate sleeping area one have any king-size bed the other featuring queen-size bed. Each of the two-bedroom cabins has its very own fireplace a full kitchen with refrigerator, stove and oven and outdoor grilling area. These these resorts cabins are found about a mile off the main highway giving you a secluded area to enjoy long lakes peace and quiet. Along with gorgeous Surroundings to taken from every angle.

Take the woman you love on a second honeymoon at long lakes fishing resorts in Oklahoma. She stuck with you for years to come so you may as well make at least one week in enjoyable. Honeymoons cabins or otherwise known as couples cabins also require two night minimum stay for Friday and Saturday nights they only have one king-size bed. However they do includes both a fireplace and a Jacuzzi is every cabins. They too have a full kitchen double feature average for greater stove and Evans and microwave. You’ll find that there is a ceiling fan in every room and they also supply and outdoor grilling area.

If you want to be up close and personal to the water then choosing an RV or along Lake resort duplex is the way to go. Once again there is a two night minimum stay for Friday and Saturday night on. The duplex capital feature one king or queen sized bed. Has the apartment style kitchen that still houses refrigerator and evidence that. There’s also a top within these cabins that have a pullout bed. The main perk of these cabins is you have a year-round view of the long lake or trail Lake. If you’re looking for an RV parking spot long lake features both hole through an standard RV lots with only a three dollar price difference.

Take the time to make some new memories with your family on Long Lake resort in toto Oklahoma. There’s a multitude of activities they your entire family will enjoy. Learn how to shoot ability arrow and channel your inner Robin Hood. Relive the wild West stays up and go for horseback rides. Take a morning hikes are the scenic mountain trails all throughout the resort. No matter what activities you choose to partake in your family will sure to enjoy their stay at the wonderful long Lake resort.

Ultimate Weekend Getaway

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The small town of Poteau, Oklahoma, found in rural Le Flore County, may not seem like the place to find fishing resorts in Oklahoma. However it is actually home to one of Oklahoma’s best-kept secrets. Long Lake resort is Oklahoma’s prepare premier location for fishing. The local ZIP Code know that long Lake is the place to create your owned big fish story. You too can create your fish story by giving the good people of long Lake resort phone call today. You can reach them at 918-647-8140.

Each year the fact that long Lake resort stop there to lakes with a plethora of different fish species found local to Oklahoma. Fish such as catfish, crappy, sunfish, largemouth valves and many other native species are found in abundance in long way to enter awake. You will never be left saying the big one that got away. Even if you did not come prepared to fish long lakes offers all your fishing gear needs for rent. Take the time to take your grandkids out of Lake. Teach them how to fish. Give them the lifetime of memories at fishing resorts in Oklahoma.

Long Lake fishing resort in Oklahoma also offers a variety of different lodging options. Each rustic yet still lose your luxurious cabin is the perfect place for your weekend getaway. Rekindle an old flame in the couple’s cabin at long lakes resort. The couple’s cabin requires a two night minimum stay for Friday and Saturday night. Each couple’s cabin features both fireplace and a Jacuzzi. Does not have a separate bedroom area and it also has a small kitchenette. Kitchenette still has a stove and refrigerator for our cooking needs if you decide not to use the grilling area outside.

The two-bedroom cabin is a perfect place to go with your family. Once again there is a two night minimum stay for Friday and Saturday night. The two-bedroom cabin has king-size bed and a cake queen-size bed. Secluded area for parents to get away too. A dining area. The full-size kitchen was traditionally sized appliances. It also features a fireplace and an outdoor grilling area. Both the couple’s cabin in the two-bedroom cabin are located off the main highway. That way you can take full advantage of the peace and quiet of long Lake and its surrounding areas.

For only $95 night you can stay right on the banks of either long Lake or Terrel Lake. These duplex style cabins feature either a king or queen size bed. There is also a couch with a pullout hideaway bed. These cabins are found right along beaches of either Lake. Making a great place for you to be few and a kitchen early morning fish. No matter which And yet you sustain your guaranteed to have a fantastic time at long Lake resorts.

Young and old will love the adventures that take place here at long Lake resorts. From hayrides to archery lessons there is something for everyone to do that long lectures. They have a caring and compassionate staff that is dedicated to making your stay memorable. You can’t go wrong with the quick two-hour drive to fantastic weekend getaway. Enjoy all natures wonders at long Lake resort.